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Thursday, December 9, 2010

You are Invited To Brunch

Lori over at the Life As Mom blog asked us if we were to fix a brunch for the holidays what would we serve. After thinking about it for a bit I came up with the answer. We would have:

We would definitely have to have some sort of Breakfast Casserole One of our favorites is Breakfast Casserole with sausage as a main ingredient

A fruit salad would plate nicely beside the hearty casserole. Search for fruit salad recipes on my blog and you will find a variety of choices including a nice strawberry marmalad salad
Next it would be nice to serve a pastry, bread or muffin along side or for those looking for a lighter breakfast. Once again searching for breads, pastries or muffins on Annies Home will gain you many different recipes including these coconut muffins

Serve it all along side some delicious cranberry tea and you will have a delicious brunch for sure What would you make for a holiday brunch? I would love to hear what you have to share


  1. quiche, mini cinnamon rolls(or crumb cake),sliced pineapple with different flavored milk (strawberry, chocolate, plain, vanilla soy)


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