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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SnackTAXI review

Most families now days seem to be constantly on the go. Meals are ate on the run and snacks are common to be ate while traveling, working or playing. SnackTAXI sent the snack sack and the sandwich sack back in August when we were getting ready to go back to school. With nearly all my teens starting college it was much easier for them to take a snack from home since the snacks on campus are always higher in price. My oldest son who spends nearly all day on college campus has had the grand opportunity to try and use the SnackTaxi Snack Sack and Sandwich Snack and has loved it. It is not only easy for him to use but he has been saving money as well.

Erin Kelly Dill invented SnackTAXI in 2003 as a way to limit the plastic ziplock bags that seemed to flow from their house to the landfill. I must say that we have had the same issues here. Whenever one of the nieces, nephews or grandbabies would desire a snack I would place it in a plastic bagie. With the snack taxi it is still easy for them to tote it with them and since the snackTAXI can be reused it saves money as well. The SnackTAXIs are made in home based workshop by talented local seweres. I love this because I believe that they take more pride in their work than a factory would.

Products Created by SnackTAXI include

Snack Sacks that are 6" W x 4.5" H perfect size for carrying veggie stix, chips, dry cereal
The Sandwich Sack which measures 7.5" W x 6" H is the perfect size for a more generous snack, bagel, or  sandwich

The SnackTAXI makes a perfect Christmas Present for many different individuals. Those who work or go to school and would like to save a bit of money would welcome the SnackTAXI products because they are so convient Mothers of little ones would welcome the SnackTAXI products because they are perfect for little hands to tote their snack with them and fit nicely into a diaper bag or a purse for visits out of the house as well.

You can buy SnackTAXI products at their website or see if there is a retail location near you

SnackTAXI can be found on facebook

As stated in the post we received the products that were mentioned from SnackTAXI there was no other means of compensation. The words and opinions expressed in the post are those of mine alone 

sharing this post for Works for Me Wednsday @ We Are That Family because it does just that it works for me by cutting down trash, expenses and are very easy to use.

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  1. I could use these snack sacks with my 2 yr old when we travel, eswpecially by plane. No extra wrappings to keep track of.

    clenna at aol dot com


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