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Friday, December 10, 2010

Inexpensive Ways to Give Back and Have a Heart of Gold

Sometimes Christmas will find us being all about buying gifts and we may forget that it is a great time that we can give back as well. There are several ways to give back if you think about it there are probably those you know that you can do simple things for to give back not only will they feel grateful for helping them but you will have a heart of gold. Here are a few ideas that I thought of in case you want to plan an activity it is a great time for families to team up to give back as well

Visit those in retirement home, nursing home, or hospitals. I worked in skilled caring nursing for many  years and each year saw individuals go without any visitors at all. Team up with some friends and take along a box of candycanes to hand out to those that you meet and see. I can tell you that it will brighten their day and the smile they share will be contagious.

Volunteer to help your neighbors. From elderly folks who may need help around the house or just a simple visit to single mothers who sometimes would just love someone to watch their children so that they can do some Christmas shopping.

Young families in your neighborhood may find it hard to have a bright Christmas. Share your talent and take over a dish of goodies to eat or perhaps a few Christmas ornaments that you no longer need. Often young families welcome any help that they are offered

I would love to hear what you do to give back.

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  1. Tomorrow morning my son and I are going to help out at the Food Pantry. The boy scouts in our town go door to door collecting canned foods and then we'll help sort it as it comes in.

    Thanks for reminding me that this isn't another thing I have to do, it's something good I can to do help others!

  2. We have one neighbor who is battling cancer and another one who is having problems with her sight.

    We are making pies and homemade bread to share with each of them.

    Thank you, for the ideas you listed!



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