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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Toy Soldier Christmas Tree Ornament

Old-fashioned clothespins (no springs)

Acrylic paints (white, black, red, brown and gold)

Red and black pom-poms


Gold thread

Begin by painting white or black trousers on each clothespin. Holding the clothespin by its rounded top, paint the portion from the upper edge of the split down to the tips. Line up finished clothespins on the edge of a shoe box (as you would if you were pinning them on a clothesline) and let them dry completely. Next, mix dabs of red, white and brown paint to create a skin tone and use it to paint the soldiers' heads. Paint red jackets on the sections between the heads and the trousers. Again, let the paint dry completely. Now, paint on distinguishing details, such as gold buttons and buckles, black arm outlines and facial features, and white gloves.Glue a red or black pom-pom onto the heads to create the soldiers' bonnets. Lastly, loop a length of gold thread around each clothespin below the soldier's head to use as a hanger.

Source: Family Fun


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