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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giveaway at SImply Being Mommy is for all the goodies to send a package

My kids, nephews, nieces and granddaughter have all learned to recognize the FedEx man and know that if he comes to the door most of the time something good will be in the package that he brings. I often send my granddaughter items since she lives away from me and I do not get to see her as much as I did before. So when I do I always take the time and wrap the package correctly so that I know that it will arrive to her nicely.  The blog Simply Being Mommy is hosting a giveaway where the winner will get all the supplies needed to send someone a great package Included in this giveaway prize is:
•An 8x8x8 brown FedEx box

•A roll of heavy-duty packing tape

•Bubble wrap

•Brown packing paper

•Holiday-themed address cards to put inside your packed box

•A $25 American Express gift card to ship your gifts at any FedEx location

•A Pack & Ship Tips sheet loaded with helpful info FedEx packaging experts

Giveaway ends December 14, 2010

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