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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spiritually Unequal Marriage

Thursday is the day we all come together to share what we are thankful for. We give thanks every day here for lots of things both big and small. Some of those this summer include having enough groceries in the house with five teens home for the summer without breaking the bank. Yesterday while shopping for groceries the cart filled up very fast with needed items. The bill I feared would be very high as well. With 3 teenage boys who all seem to never get filled up the grocery bill can become very hefty. I was very thankful when I learned through coupon so and sales I saved over $75. YEAH!! While that is something to be thankful for there are many more things in our life. Two of my boys are away at camp this week and they were very excited to go. I Thank God that they have the desire to learn so very much more. It is very exciting for me as a mother to sit back and watch as my boys become men of God.

What are you thankful for? Share at Spiritually Unequal Marriage or see what others are thankful for


  1. Enjoyed your post...I can relate to the bottomless pits also known as sons....

  2. Your thankful list this week brought a smile to my face. I remember my brothers and their friends being "bottomless pits." The milkman delivered 6 containers of milk twice a week. My mom fed not only them but many of their friends. That's great that you have learned to be a thrifty shopper! Not sure how my mom got by. I guess by making a lot of stuff herself.


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