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Friday, July 9, 2010

Aloha Friday: Seen Any Good Movies Lately

Aloha Friday hosted by the An Island Life blog where Kailani shared with us in Hawaii Friday is the day of rest where they take it easy to prepare for the weekend. Aloha Friday is where bloggers ask each other simple questions with simple answers. You can join in as well.

Having no cable in this house is allowing us time to watch several of the vcr tapes that sat idling in boxes and on shelves in the living room. Many of which are very good. The last we watched was The Ghost and The Darkness which is about Africa and Killer Lions. We were very surprised that it was a great movie. SO that leads me to my Aloha Friday Question:
Have you seen any great movies lately? What was it? What is your favorite movie?


  1. no I haven't!!Aloha Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Lately we've been catching up on Burn Notice on dvd. We went through out dvd collection not long ago & got rid of anything we didn't really love. Now we netflix most movies. Love, love love that! Oh & the best movie I saw recently was How to train your dragon. Absolutely adorable!

  3. nope, have not seen ANY movies lately! LOL, good or bad!
    Will hopefully start soon...

  4. Sorry to say, unless it is on Netflix I am out of the loop. My kiddos are so small it is a challenge to find care and time. If the grandparents are available to watch them, I would rather catch up on sleep. :)

    Maybe in a few years we will start going back to the movies!

  5. I really loved Avatar. We went to see Percy Jackson's adventure" Lightening Thief" I really loved that move. Just the other day we saw Knight and Day, Love that one also. Oh I love the movies... really want to see The Sorcerers Apprentice coming out on this Wednesday.
    My Aloha Friday Link for you

  6. My sister has an extensive DVD collection so while we were in Iowa we got to 'catch up' on some movies we didn't get a chance to see like Narnia and Iron Man - the last movie we saw in the theater was How to Train Your Dragon. :)

    Aloha Friday: Vacation Edition


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