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Friday, July 9, 2010

Frugal Fridays

Saving money can be hard to do but here are a few different ways that we have relied on to save money.

  • Be a one-car family. Not always easy but it works. We walk whenever we can.

  • Get rid of your cell phone. Don't just lower your plan--get rid of your phone altogether. Don't buy phones for your children. While me and hubby have no cell phones we still have a home phone where the kids can reach us if necessary. There are no extras on our home phone The kids are all on a plan where the charge is $45 a month. When they were younger they did not have their own phone. Now that they are all older working, college etc... phones are now needed. They are responsible for their own phones

  • Get rid of your cable/satellite tv. This will also save you electricity and give you 15 or more hours a week to get more done! I know it does not seem like it but great time for family to catch up. Dust off those old movie tapes and watch them again. Hulu is a great source to watch those shows that you love. Less commercial time this way as well.

  • Stop eating out. Take lunch to work with you. Saves money and also is often healthier. Also cooking meals from scratch is often a great time to get together with family and you always know what is in your food

  • Drink water. Better for your body and pocket book

  • Gardening is a great way to get outside, saves money as you can grow your own produce and the difference in taste is great as well

  • Buy used clothing. Use hand-me downs. Make clothes over. Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to visit, garage sales are treasures where you never know what you will find

  • Mend your clothes. Never thought I would do it but as my children started to wear their socks heels and toes out but the rest being great I started mending like dear old grandma. Also style of today allow small holes in jeans to be present lucky us.

  • Stop shopping. Only go to the store when absolutely necessary. Try to limit your shopping to once every two weeks, or once a month. Buy enough so that you don't have to go more than that. Don't ever run to the store for just one thing.

  • Try the generic. You may find that it is very near the same as the brand you like. While there are few things that I buy by brand name I often purchase the generic whenever possible When I do purchase brand names I always try to find a coupon that will make it cheaper

  • Eat less expensive foods: potatoes, beans, rice, soups I have tried to post frugal recipes on my blog. Keep it healthy whenever possible as well as frugal

  • Turn your thermostat to 79º in the summer, and to 65º (or less) in the winter. I did not think that I would be comfortable at temps like this so I tried it this year and must say that I am comfortable and also love the bills as they are the lower than normal for summer months.

  • Learn to make things instead of buying them. I know it sounded tricky for me at first as well but let me tell you there are things that we can all do

  • Learn how to do your own repairs whenever possible. There are times that this has not been the case however

  • Cut hair at home. For the price of some clippers and some good scissors, you will have paid for your clippers in two or three haircuts. I have cut my sons hair for many years and they look great. I have cut my own and my girls but often make this a sort of treat that we save up for

  • Turn off your computer at night, and ceiling fans when you're not in the room. Remember the old adage from my grandma if your not using it or not in the room then it is not needed

  • Use the real thing instead of disposable: towels, napkins, plates, glasses, diapers. This makes it so much more nicer very vintage to me.

  • Plan your meals around the sales, instead of planning your meals and then shopping. Better yet, stock your pantry around the sales, and then make whatever you want! I do this quite often whenever there is extra money I may make a menu to be on guard and change it up depending on sales. I also stock up whenever possible Remember--if you can't afford it, it doesn't matter how good of a deal it is!

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  1. hmmm maybe if you wouldnt counter dict yourself some people might listen to what you have to say, you say to get rid of cell phones all together but then you say all your children have cell phones of their own, and you have how many kids?


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