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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tip for Clogged Drains

Has this ever happened to you: you are cooking a wonderful dinner for your family and suddenly the sink is clogged. What can you do? You can not run out to the store to get one of those great drain products. You need to come up with something quick. The next time this happens to you try this:

1) Remove all water from the sink. You may have to dip it out of the sink with a cup and place it in a bucket.

2) Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain.

3) Follow that with one cup of table salt.

4) Next, pour one half cup of white vinegar down the drain.

5) Allow the drain to set for ten minutes than flush it with two quarts of boiling water.


  1. Oooh, I bet that would unclog almost anything, LOL!!! Thanks!
    Lori (aka Plans4You)

  2. This works like a charm!! I do this often in my sinks to keep them clean. Much cheaper tha store-bought stuff, and better for the environment! :)

  3. So that's how it's done! I have a bathroom sink that's always clogging up and am going to try this. Before I was just using baking soda & vinegar - I hope the addition of salt and boiling water will fix it. Thank for sharing the tip!


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