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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreams of Spring: Planning Spring Garden

With all the cold air still around my thoughts often turn to warmer days and gardening. I love to garden and I am all ready dreaming of what my garden this spring will be like. Do you like to garden? Would you like to try your hand at it? Well here are some great tips to get started before the weather turns to gardening weather.

First make sure you have the materials you will need to garden:
  • does your powe equipment need tuned up? If so do it now and beat the spring rush.
  • start shopping for or cleaning gardening tools as well. Hoes, shovels etc... all work better if in good shape
  • start making a plan what fertilizers, mulches, etc... will you be needing?

Late winter is the perfect time to prune trees as well. Pruning will help to reduce size of overgrown trees and shrubs and allows them to come back even stronger

Dream: what will your garden be like? What are the plants you want in it? Visit the library or internet sites to get ideas. Seed companies will mail you catalogs as well in order to get ideas for your garden. When you have an idea in your mind what you want your garden like sketch it down on paper to get even a greater idea

Til the right weather comes along for gardening I will dream and prepare for that grand day. I shared this on the blog The Inspired Room where they are taking a look at what you are doing to pampe yourself this winter

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  1. I'm in planning mode too! nice to think about fresh veggies and warm weather!! :)


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