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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paperplate SnowMan Craft

You will Need:

•1 large paper plate
•1 smaller sized paper plate
•craft cotton balls
•construction paper
extra craft materials to decorate snowman if interested

Start by decorating the smallest paper plate (head). Use construction paper or fabric to create a carrot nose, black cotton balls work great for eyes. You can use fabric, yarn or craft supplies to decorate the snowman's head just the way you want it. When you are down Punch a hole in the plate towards the bottom.

Now its time to decorate the larger plate (body) You may start by creating "buttons" down the center. When done create a hole with the hole puncher at the top.

Us the yarn or fabric to connect the two paper plate, creating bow for a "bow tie"

Now create the snowman's arms out of pipe cleaners or other fabric idea. Perhaps you want to create a hat for your snowman as well. This step deals alot with using what you have and your creativity.


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