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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday: Teens and Depression Part 1


Coming home from watching the movie To Save A Life my mind is open and my thoughts are wondering about teen depression. Would I know how to spot if one of my teens was suffering and did not choose to talk to me? states that there are many misconceptions about teen depression. They state that while teen age life is tough it can be balanced with good friends, success in school or outside activities and the development of a strong sense of self.

To me this is where parents can become aware. Where are your teens going? Do they have good friends or seem to struggle with friendships? I had a daughter who hated the fact that we moved from an area that she had great friends to one that she knew no one. She took this quite hard and became quite angry and cheated herself out of a lot of great years. I was aware of this and stayed on top of this matter but what if I had not been aware of it? What would of could of happened? This in my personal opinion is why it is so important for parents to know where their children stand. A lot of my daughters anger was depression which is very sad to think about the best part is we worked this out as a family and know she is at the top of the world in college. We do need to keep in mind that she does have tendencies to get overwhelmed and as a parent that is where I can play a vital role in her life simply being a cheerleader.

Here is another thought though why do our teens seem to becoming more depressed. Is the number growing or are people starting to recognize the signs more? Help.Org says that 20% of depressed teens ever receive help while those stricken with depression is far more popular. The reason that this number is so low is because teens must rely on the assistance of parents, teachers, or another adult in their life to see that something is going on and help them get the treatment they need. That is why we must learn what the warning signs are and stay active in the young peoples lives.

next week I will share with you what the warning signs are.

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