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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Woobie Wear Review

My little angel with that sly little smile all ready knows that she looks good or at least her grandma does. I love to find great little things for my precious gal. Woobie Wear has many of those great looking products. You may be asking what exactly is a woobie ? Well the definition of a Woobie as explained by the Woobie Wear website is the nickname that the sister of the founder of Woobie Wear nicknamed her niece. Oh how sweet just like the Woobie Wear website.
The Polka Dotted collection of Woobie Wear is so darling:

But then so is the this little hat from the spring collection that we received:

We also received a delightful headband similar to this one. How cute and well made it was. I thought both Woobie Wear products resembled hand made fashion look and how delightful. They both are high fashion and makes my little princess look great. If you have a little princess that you want to dress up then you need to check out Woobie Wear.

Woobie Wear is great at supporting charities as well. Woobie Wear has helped support a Down Syndrome awareness center called Gigi's Playhouse. For a fund raising fashion sow in November Woobie Wear provided all the hair accessories to those participating. Another great charity that Woobie Wear helps support is Victory Reins. Victory Reins is a therapeutic horse riding center for people with disabilities. Woobie Wear has stated that they will continue to support great community charities.

Woobie Wear also has great quarterly giveaways where anyone has a chance to win a great product from the Woobie Wear line. If you want to try to win your own product you can head over to the woobie wear website and sign up. If you can not wait that long Woobie Wear is available from their online website

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