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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baggu review and giveaway

I love to use my own cotton bags when I go shopping The reason is because I can take home these bags wash them, put them up and reuse them. Paper and plastic grocery bags accumulate you think you will use them then you never do and then they get thrown out with the trash. What a waste. The only problem I see with cotton bags are that they take up too much room. Now I have found a great bag that can be used and fit into my pocket, purse or small space in my room. Even college students can use these and keep them in their dorm rooms.

This great product I have found are the baggu bags. They are come in their own little package that holds the bag while not in use but then unfolds and is a great strong bag to hold many different things. One thing that I noticed about it is that it can be easily washed. Love it and I plan to get a few for my college kids that are going away to school.

They are available in several cool colors and styles. What do you think about the black and white checkered one. Great is it not? With every personality they have a color baggu available for.

You know those great produce bags? Baggu has a bag for that as well. Baggu bags come in several different sizes and styles one of which I am sure you will love. Be sure when looking for a great bag to check out Baggu bags. The Baggu bags were created exactly for the purpose they suit for being useful, neat and compact by a mother and daughter team.

Win: I received a purple baggu to send to one of my lucky winners. To win I want you to send me an email letting me know why you would want it. That's it simple and easy everyone gets one entry into this and simply by leaving a comment


  1. I'd LOVE to win a Baggu! I don't think you can have too many bags!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  2. What a great bag! My problem with reusable bags is that I never have one when I need it but this one solves that problem by coming in its own small package so that I can easily carry it around. I went to the website and was amazed at all the great colors that Baggu offers, too!


  3. 'd like to win because their stylish and original


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