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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Green Bee Review

Are you looking for ways that you can keep your family happy, healthy and wise? Happy Green Bee will help you succeed with this as they care about you, your family and the earth. The manner in which Happy Green Bee does this is by using organically grown material. The cotton clothing that has been used in the past for many years contains toxic residues which often results in eczema and rashes on sensitive skin. The organically grown cotton does not use the toxic chemicals and results in a pure, breathable and more natural material. The softness of yester year before so many chemicals were used has been returned and can be found in products created by Happy Green Bee.

We received 4 pair of the softest socks that you have ever seen. They were great the colors of course were great looking and reflected to me the Happy Green Bee spirit. My granddaughter loved them or seemed to say that with her precious little smile. I can't wait til she can have a conversation and tell me exactly what she thinks, or maybe there are times I really don't want to know LOL.

Happy Green Bee creates very cute products. Among the list are:

Roxanne, the creator of Happy Green Bee and true environmentalist supports the environment through the way she lives as well. Roxanne has been awarded for her actions by being granted the nonprofit organizations in support of the environment and the arts and the second, an operating foundation, owns and maintains 70,000 acres of wilderness in the North woods of Maine. Roxanne is desires to help preserve the spirit and landscape of Maine Woods. Roxanne takes a fun spirited yet very ecological outlook to creating her clothes. She wants to create safe and sustainable, soft and stretchy, super silly, simply sensational styles.

If you are interested in getting your little guy or gal new clothes then check out the Happy Green Bee website and do a little shopping. Remember you are not only getting great styles but you are also doing the right thing.


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