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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tightwad tip for May 12, 2009

Tonight I took time to go shopping with my sister in law. I could not believe the bargains. I bought matching dresses for my granddaughter and my niece they were $3 each. I also bought a disney brand jacket for $2. My tip is keep your eyes open and buy for the future. The disney jacket was a christmas jacket but it was also 3T so I am sure that by time christmas comes it will be a wonderful gift for someone.

that is my tip of the day that I listed at the blog momkaboodle in the tightwad tuesday meme and also at the blog Raising 4 Godly Men also find frugal tips at the meme Frugal Friday located on the blog Life As Mom


  1. I am never any good at shopping ahead of time. I always wind up buying things that I don't need or never use. Great finds though.

  2. THose are great finds. I used to buy ahead like that when my children were smaller, but now they always grow out of what I buy before that season.

  3. What wonderful deals and buying ahead is definitely a brilliant idea! Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello!

  4. I like to call shopping at secondhand stores treasure hunting. It sounds like you found some GREAT treasures. Thanks for joining in on the fun and hope you share another tip in the near future.

    Blessings in Him<><


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