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Monday, May 11, 2009

Menu for May 11 to 17

Our supper ideas this week will be:

Our dessert ideas

  • ice cream (at least 2 nights)
  • pudding (at least 2 nights)
  • bread pudding
  • cookies (?)

Breakfast at our house include:

  • scrambled eggs
  • hashbrowns and sausage
  • cinamon toast
  • cereal
  • oatmeal

lunches are fix your own as there are never alot of people here but are mainly made up of leftovers

To list your menu or to see what others will be having check out the blog I'm An Organizing Junkie


  1. Oooo...that menu sounds GREAT and I love that meme:-)

  2. Your menu sounds great and so family friendly. Sometimes mine gets a little too grown up! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Great to meet you! I really like your blog! This is my first time here. I'll be back!




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