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Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiration Point

I would love to share with you a lovely little note that I received from a dear friend of mine last night. I have never won for the most kids nor will I since I only had 4 children myself there are many others that have more. But she made my day by reminding me of how many lives I truly have been touched. I have raised my 3 younger siblings because my mother struggled with emotions, care for my sister and her 2 children which we have adopted. I also have raised my 2 nephews and cared for several little ones in the family whenever the care was needed for one reason or another their parents could not help take care of them. How this note of inspiration touched me to know that others appreciate what I do. There are times that the care of these little ones is not always by choice but because higher officials feel that while their parents get their act together the children are better off at my house. She reminded me why I care for them because I love them but also because Jesus would have. I thank my friend for this note of inspiration

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  1. Sounds like you have given lots of love & inspiration to those who have really needed it :D

  2. I'm super tardy in responding to Monday's Muse apologies! How lovely to receive such a have wonderful people around you !


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