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Monday, May 11, 2009

Gathering at the well

Gathering At the Well

The question this morning from the gathering at Well Meme

Do you have a favorite "spritual place" in your home? Is it a room? a closet? maybe a chair? Leave your link below and share with us today and, if you have them, even share some photos. We can always use the inspiration!

I grew up with 4 other siblings and I have always liked to pray, read my bible and study outside whenever possible. I love to take what I call prayer walks. They are not the regular prayer walks where you walk around a certian area praying for it while I have did these as well. I am talking about talking and walking with our lord looking at what he has done for us, is doing for us and what we should do for him. These walks seems so calming to me. I also love to sit on the porch or out under a tree as I read and study his word. The quiteness sorrounds me and it seems as his love encompasses me.

When I am not able to be outside I take my quiet time when the children are in bed sitting on the couch with a warm blanket and studying his words. I love to find out more as it never seems the same. Either place is great with his great word

To list your quiet time place or to see what others do head over here


  1. Thank you for sharing about your quiet times with the Lord.


  2. I enjoyed reading about your quiet times. Thanks for sharing today.

  3. I love to be outside withe the Lord as well - not sure why I don't do it more?? It seems like somehow you get just get even closer amidst His creation......I may have to move to the patio if the rain ever stops ;-) Thanks for posting!

  4. I love to be outside for my quiet time occasionally too!



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