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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday 9

1who do you think is sexy?

I think Patrick swayze is the bomb

2 When does it become love

love is special and is so much different than thinking someone is hot

3 Are you a good dancer?

Nope not me

4 what magazines do you read?

woman's day is one of my favorite

5 If you could have any name what would you call yourself?

Mom would be my name

6 Have you ever ridden in a limo


7 what is something you really like to do?

blogging, church and kids

8 Last chance: who wins idol Adam or Kris

I really like Kris but think Adam will be the big winner

9 If you had to what animal would you choose to be?

a bird would be cool

to play along or read more go here


  1. wow Patrick Swayze...when I think of him on Keeping Mum - he's not just sexy, he's also very hot! happy weekend.

  2. Good answers.
    Bird seems like a popular choice.

  3. I love Patrick Swayze too!!

  4. I think of the freedom of flight with birds. Great choice. Have a good one...

  5. Great Sat 9. I did my first one this week. I really like Patrick Swazye. I feel so bad for him and his cancer battle. His series The Beast was Awesome


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