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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not me Monday is a weekly meme hosted by the blog My Charming Kids. It is where we can have fun listing what we did or did not do.

I did not attend a womans banquet in the middle of a storm which knocked out the power no definetly not me.

I did not help invent a great game with my children, sisters and brothers at my sons baseball game. We did not have the best time we had had in a long time.

I did not try a delicous tasting ice cream called somoa flavored. This was not one of my favorite flavors.

The worship minister at our church did not dress up as a woman in a play for mothers day at our church. I did not think that was a sight and I will not be posting pictures later.

Well this last week has not been a bit busy and you will not find me being busy the rest of the month as well.

If you want to play along the Not me game you can find it over at the blog My Charming Kids.


  1. Love your blog...first visit here!

    Jenna :)


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