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Thursday, May 3, 2018

National Day of Reason

The national Day of Reason was created to be held at the same time of the National Day of Prayer. The day was created to celebrate reason. The National Day of Reason inspires the secular community to be visible and active to express positive change. This holiday goes by other titles such as "Day of Action", or "Day of Service"

The National Day of Reason was created by the American Humanist Association and the Washington Secular Humanists. It was designed in 2003 to help individuals and organizations in the U.S. to offer an alternative to the National Day of Prayer. The group believes the National Day of Prayer violates the first amendment of the U.S. constitution because it ask federal and local government to set aside tax dollars to support time and space to engage in religious ceremonies. The group argues that since the Supreme Court made it clear the state sponsored prayer in school is inappropriately exclusionary.

The group also believes that Governmen violates the first amendment with the National Day of Prayer by promoting a religious act. There are many traditional groups that encourage the prayer not to be public. The Sermon on the Mount is often pointed towards while debating the National Day of Prayer.

“When you pray don’t do it loudly in the synagogue or on street corners so that everyone can see you and think you are really good and holy.”

What do you think?? My personal opinion is that I believe that we should pray for our country

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