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Thursday, May 3, 2018

How To Clean the Rug

Lumpy rug day celebrates a good rug. A good rug is not lumpy but should be smooth and even. Rugs are used to watch t.v, play games and even take a nap. If the rug is lumpy you will know it.

Cleaning rugs starts with the type of rug you have. It is important to decide how the rug was woven together. Some rugs use glue and others do not. Fabric type and type of dye are used for coloring the fabric.
Area rugs should be stored when not in use. Professional cleaners should c;lean the rug prior to storing.

When you purchase a new area rug do not remove the tag or cut it and put it away with your household maintenance for later refrence

Large room rugs should be cared for like wall to wall carpet. Oriental rugs and rugs made of unusual material may require special care.

Small rugs should be taken outside and shaken until dust and dirt are no longer present. Hang rugs over clothesline or outdoor furniture and beat them with a broom is another way to remove dirt and dust.

Rug cleaning specialist can be consulted if the label says dry cleaning. Some rugs are not colorfast and may require dry cleaning.

Wet area rugs should be hanged over clothes drying rack, a picnic table or porch rail. Hanging a wet rug over a single clothesline may distort the shape of the rug. Small rugs can dry the same manner

Pet hair often gathers on area rugs. To rid them brush the rug forcefully with a stiff cloth brush. Pet stains can be cleaned with enzymatic cleaner to help breakdown stains and odor

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