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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Be Careful Young Drivers

May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month. Keeping our children safe is the name of the game. Car accidents are the number one cause of death of teens in the United States each year. High school proms and graduation season will be taking place now and until the end of the school year. It is important that parents talk to the teens about driving safely.

Remind teens that cell phones and texting are a distraction. Distracted driving cause one in five motor vehicle accidents. Instruct your teens to focus on the road by not using their phone.

Seat belts do save lives and should be worn. Studies have shown that chances of surviving a vehicle crash increased by 45 % when they were buckled up. Remind your teens to buckle up.

While warmer weather is here and teens will want to enjoy their new independence they also need to be aware of their physical limits. Late nights could lead to drowsy driving and unfortunately deadly crashes. Set a time limit on when they are not allowed to drive until the next day

Summer is always fun when you have your friends with you. The issue is that driving or riding with too many friends is one vehicle can lead to distracted driving. The driver who should be concentrating on the road may pay attention to what is going on around them instead. Group peer pressure can lead to dangerous behavior such as drinking and driving. Be sure your teen knows how many riders are allowed in the car and if they need your help that they can call.

Be Careful Out There

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