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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Introducing BatMan

May 1st , 1939 was the date the Caped Crusader made his entrance on the U.S. comic book scene. Bob Kane, an artist and writer aiming to find a new hero to rival Superman who had made his first appearance the year before. Bill Finger would become involved when Kane shared his thoughts on creating a character with wings like a bat. Together the men would create and collaborate on stories for the character Batman.

Bruce Wayne, a rich playboy like character would be the human persona for Batman. Wayne lived in Gotham City (New York City). Batman had a genius level intelligence, supreme physical abilities and indomitable will to wage a ruthless war against criminals. Wayne had a deep desire to fight crime as when he was a child he had seen his own parents murdered by a street thug.

Upon entrance Batman had an intense popularity. When Robin his side kick was added the sales of the comic books grew even higher. Bill Finger would introduce Robin in 1940. Other writers and artist have helped to create Batman tales over the years. Batman and Robin have also appeared in films, on T.V and in video games.

Villains that Batman faced included the Joker, the Riddler and Cat Woman.

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