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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Choosing The Right Pet For Your Family

When choosing the right pet for your family there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • take your time and look for that perfect pet. The decision should not be done quickly rather take your time and choose one that you truly like. Your pet will be a long term member of the family and that means that you should choose the pet that fits into your family. 
  • What type of pet are you looking to add to your family?? You may want to visit pet shops to see what is available but do not buy impulsively. Visit the library and look thru some pet books  A new pet can affect the family when brought home so all family members must be acceptable to the new pet. 
  • Take time to visit the humane society and animal rescue organizations. Observe the pets when it is alone with you, try to make a mental list of positive and negative points. 
  • Try to make sure your lifestyle and the pet matches. Whether you are a night owl or day person could make a large difference. Sugar gliders and ferrets sleep during the day and are active at night. Do you work long hours leaving the pet alone?? Some pets may get very lonely. Children in the family make a difference as well. Make sure that little hands do not hurt the pet but that the pet will not hurt the child. 
  • Why do you want a pet?? Personality traits of both the animal and pet owner should be considered. Do you want a pet to love and pet or are you looking for a pet to play with?? The decision between a turtle and dog makes a big difference Pets should not be purchased to teach  a child responsibility. 
  • Pets can be costly and this should be considered when selecting a pet. The cost of feeding the pet, home bills as well as vet bills should all be considered. 

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