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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Celebrate May Day

Welcome to May!!!!! Today, is a public holiday known as May Day. In the ancient northern hemisphere a spring festival would be hosted on this day. A traditional spring holiday shared by many cultures with singing, dancing, and celebrating with cake is normally held today and known as May day. 

In many early European pagan cultures May 1st was a traditional summer holiday known as May Day. It was considered to be the first day of summer and what is considered the first day of summer now was then known as Midsummer. As Christianity spread and the pagan holidays started to fade the May day began to change. In Germany May Day is a celebration on bringing Christianity to the area. Today, many will know the customs of dancing around the maypole and may baskets.

I can recall making May baskets on the first day of May that we would leave on our neighbors doors as a surprise. We made these little baskets out of construction paper. I recall the year I was in third grade we were to bring them home and share them with those we love. My parents had taught us how to respect our elders and we had many neighbors that filled that line. On the way home from school I dropped my "mayday" baskets off to elderly neighbors that lived near by. I did not know it at the time but these little baskets delighted them and my mother and father were thanked greatly

Do you have any May Day memories??

sheets of patterned scrapbook paper (most craft stores carry it for about .20/sheet) You’ll get 2 May Baskets from each sheet.
1/8″ ribbon, in several colors (ours was $1.00 per roll)
a hole punch
Cut each sheet of paper into 2 equal triangles.

Fold each triangle into a cone shape, like this.

Staple to keep closed and then cut a hole in each side of cone. Do this by using either hole punch or scissors. Snip the very end of the cone. Cut lengths of ribbon colors about a yard long This is pretties I think if you use more than 3 different colors.  Thread your ribbon through each hole in the sides of your cone, then through the bottom, leaving enough at the top to hang from a doorknob. Knot the ribbon at the bottom to keep it in place.

craft resource here

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