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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Nursing Growing Presence in the World

Nursing is one career that is present in every part of life. Nursing has been around since possibly the beginning of time. The book of Exodus in the bible speaks of two midwives who rescued baby Moses and hid him to save his life. The care these midwives gave baby Moses is the same care that has created a legacy of caring through the years. Nurses are there ready to help those with psychological, social, environmental, and physiologic needs that are part of society.  Nurses throughout time have been primarily behind scene with little recognition

Nurses like Florence Nightingale helped to make changes in the nursing world. Through actions of great nurses the value of the nurses worth was demonstrated as they fought for the cause of health and healing.  It would be the twentieth century that would offer nurses more education chances, more areas to work and research, and technology. Nursing has always been about caring and now was also becoming more of the science world. The world of nursing would have doors of education, clinical practice, development of theory and research open. The challenge of today's nursing world continues to grow as nurses as challenged to expand their roles and explore new areas of practice

In future post I will be sharing more about the world of nursing

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