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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hot Pastrami on Rye

I went to work close to 20 years ago. That early period of time when I went first went to work was rather difficult. I was just learning how to do my job, working outside of the house for the first time and making friends with co-workers. I did pretty good at all of them. The beauty of all of this is that I did all three task well. I will never forget the sandwich that my partner ate as we would eat together nightly. He loved his cornbeef sandwich but more than even that he loved the Hot Pastrami on Rye. 

Hot Pastrami on Rye
Serves 2

1/2 lbs cooked and thinly sliced beef pastrami
4 slices havarti cheese
sauteed onions
coarse grind mustard
4 slices artisan rye bread 
1 cup beef broth

Saute your onions in olive oil, salt and pepper, for a few minutes.
Bring your broth to a simmer. Add pastrami and onions to the broth. Simmer until pastrami is hot. Reserve the broth for pouring over the sandwich.
Toast your bread and add coarse mustard to two of the 4 slices.
Divide cheese, meat and onions among rye bread. Pour your broth over the sandwich and close.
Serve hot. 

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