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Thursday, January 12, 2017

A few Uses for Orange Peel

This idea was borrowed from a fellow blogger you can find the original post here

There are many ways to enjoy Navel Oranges. You can drink their juice, make up and enjoy some marmalade, and there are  many ways to enjoy the orange peel itself.

So in this post I want to share with you three different ways to use the orange peel. Candied orange peel, drying the orange peel and then using the peel to make up some homemade orange extract.

Start by scrubbing the oranges well in warm water. This will remove any wax or chemicals that might be on the skin. Organic fruit may also be used and because there are no chemicals is safer to use as well.

Making candied orange peels start by peeling the oranges. This is easiest done by scoring the orange into about 1/2 inch segments and then peel them off. Leave the pith (white part) attached to the peel. The pith will help to absorb sugar.
First step simmer the peels in water to tenderize them.
Second you will want to drain the peels and simmer in a 2 to 1 sugar to water.
Finally you dry them  

Drying orange peels requires you to remove as much pith as possible from the peel. To remove the pith from pill lay each peel segment flat on the cutting board and using a knife peel or saw the pith away. When the pith is removed cut rind into thin matchsticks for drying. Dehydrate at low temperature for 8 hours or til completely dry

Making orange extract is the hardest of the three to me. Those who practice herbal medicine are used to making "tincture" and this is what you will be doing here. The peel will be soaked in strong alcohol to draw all the oils out and into the alcohol. 
First you will have to remove rind from the orange. Remove pith and soak the rind in 100 proof vodka for a month. You may have to do this more than once with the same alcohol to get full flavor.  

Candied Orange Peels can be eaten  like candy or dipped in chocolate and enjoyed. The peel can also be cut up and used in muffins, cakes and quick breads. 
Dried Orange Peel you may have seen called for in recipes before. It is used to help flavor batters and baked goods. Dried peel can also be used in soups and stews 
Orange extract can be used anywhere you would use other extracts

find complete recipes here


  1. How neat!! I've never thought of making an orange tincture, but I'm sure it's such a great boost of vitamin c for when you're sick! Totally going to be giving this a try - thanks for sharing <3

    1. thanks so much for leaving a comment, yes it is pretty cool when you think of orange peel you don't think of making much of it but it has so much to offer
      thanks for your visit


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