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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Shipwreck Questions

You are shipwrecked with friends (your group can include real life or virtual life or both) think about it and pick some friends to truly enjoy your cruise +  and tell us why you assembled the group by just telling us...

Who would throw the wildest parties, and why did you pick them? 

I believe my husband would be the one to throw the wildest party. I chose him to be shipwrecked with because he is my best friend and so much fun

Who would always fall asleep on the couch, and why did you pick them? 

my adult daughter Krystina would fall asleep each and every time. She works midnocs and it seems that is all she does is sleep but again lots of fun

Who would enter to be in a talent show, and why did you pick them?

I have many friends that are in bands and have much talent I would invite them to keep me company and entertain with their beautiful sounds

Who would try to get out of doing their chores and why did you pick them?

I would choose my son in law who is witty and strong and works hard when he works and is very polite and great for self esteem
Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire whilst cooking and why did you stupidly pick them? 

my sister and yes

Who would try to domesticate an island pet and why did you pick them?

my son the animal lover he can make friends with any animal, is smart and hard working best of all listens to his mom
Who would make the other carry their bags on a shopping spree and why did you pick them?

this again would be my daughter who sleeps a lot.
Who would throw the first person of the boat and why did you pick them?

if this is off the boat it would be my eldest daughter she is a tough gal that protects her mama
Who would be the best caregiver when someone got sick & why did you pick them? 

This believe it or not would be my daughter who sleeps and my husband who are both the ones that takes care of anyone around here who gets hurt or sick

Who would try to force the another to play sports with them & why did you pick them? 

my son the animal lover who played sports all through school and still loves to watch, play and get others to play sports

Who would have the best holiday ideas for your space on the island and why did you pick them?

My brother who loves to decorate would be great for this. he loves to make people smile and if we were stranded this is  a treat we would need a lot
Who would need to clean out someone others stuff to make room for their own & why did you pick them? 

wow this would be so many of those that are on the trip all ready. Each of them on the verge of hoarding

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older & why did you pick them? 

my grand-daughter who also cooks and cleans wonders who or what she will look like when older

Flashes everyone when they walk by after taking a shower alone & why did you pick them? 

this sounds like my oldest son who gets a kick out of mooning individuals. May also fit one of my best friends who would do this as well. I pick them to go on trip because they are so much fun and hard working as well

Who wakes you to asks weird questions in the middle of the night & why did you pick them? 

that daughter that sleeps a lot well she wakes me up when asleep

Who will constantly ask you “what are you thinking about?” & why did you pick them? 

my mother who keeps my self esteem up and keeps me thinking of what to do and goal oriented and who can go far without their mothers cooking I cant

Which of your friends on this island might being too touchy-feely while you interact, why did you pick them?

after a while they all may start feeling that way

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