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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Uttarayan, Festival of Kites

In India January 14th is the day of Uttarayan. It is the day when the sun starts to travel north marking the decline of winter. The days are longer, the skies are clearer and the breeze well it is perfect for kite flying and a lot cooler.

The festival of Uttarayan is one of the grandest and stands tall. It is a holiday when every family can be met outdoors. People of all ages fly kites from dawn to dusk. Crowded rooftops, fun loving rivalry to outdo each other in their kite flying skills and delicious traditional Gujarti feast are the hallmarks of the day.

Waves of flying kites overwhelm an otherwise deep blue sky. The sky will change colors like a rainbow in a glittering sun after the rain.

January 14th is celebrated in India as Makar Sankranti Kites may virtually blot out the sky as everyone joins in the celebration. The battle of the kites is accompanied by drums as every kite becomes a target to knock out of the sky.

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