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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Houseplants that Grow Well In Cooler Temperatures

Baby it's cold out there!! There is little with color outside but inside you may be able to find some green in the house plants you tend to. There are a few that will stand up to the cold better than others. I can remember my grandmother had many houseplants in one room and she would tend to them daily.

Some of the hardiest house plants include:

The Jade Plant
The Crassula Ovata or the Jade plant as it is commonly known can tolerate temperatures, a bit above freezing and suffer little damage. The woody branches and small pink flowers make up this plant in the spring. The plant is not difficult to care for. Simply place in a sunny location and never allow soil to dry out. The plant will not survive frost but will do well in cool temps just above freezing point. When exposed to low temps the plant will start to flower

The Begonia
One of my favorite plants the begonia is very pleasing to the eye. The flowering plants grows well in a variety of temperatures. Grow either outdoors in the warmer weather or inside during cooler weather the begonia grows well in pots. The variety of begonia plants is grand variety of colors and patterns. They can also be found in shrubs to tuberous growth.

English Ivy
English Ivy is a lively plant difficult to kill and can grow in a variety of conditions. Temperate conditions are no problem but frost will damage it. The leaves of the Ivy are pointy leaves and the plant may also grow flowers. This is a great plant that will do great next to a sunny window the light will do the plant well and the room will look very pretty.

The Sanseviera also commonly known as the snake plant has extremely long and upright leaves. They grow well in filtered light with regular watering. Not watering enough can hurt root system which can lead to leaves drooping. Cold temps do not hurt this plant which when too cold goes into a rest period in which they need less water and nutrients. Once temps rise they return to normal quickly. This plant is native to Africa and Asia. I have been taught the name of this plant is the mother - in - law plant.

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