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Saturday, January 14, 2017

What Vision Do You Want to Create

So what are your plans this year for 2017?? How will you try to keep those plans alive through out the year?? One easy way to do this is by using vision boards. What is a vision board you may ask well, its a board or a place that displays what you want and actually helps you keep on target to make it happen. Creating a vision board and keeping it in a place you look at often will help you visualize and exercise your thoughts and plans daily. 
Visualizing what you want or desire to happen helps it come true. Olympic athletes visualize what they want, helps them improve performance and helps them keep active and strive for the goal. 

When you create your vision board focus on how you want to feel. Don't just focus on one thing but include how you will get there as well. The more your board focuses on how you want to feel the more it will come to life. 

Dress up your vision board with trinkets that are important to you and make you feel energized and motivated. Inspiration pieces will add a importance on a vision board as well. 
The main rule to create a vision board is that there are no rules. It is your vision so no way to mess it up. It is your vision on your own terms. Make a list of where you want to go. This list should be handwritten to make it more personal and energetic. This list will allow you to see your goal and things that you want to change it gives you inspiration and energy.

Theme boards that center on events or areas of life are great. Creating a vision board for your wedding, graduation, birthday or birth of a child will help you focus on how you want it all to go on your big day. 
To make a vision board:
you can use any kind of board. Cork board , poster board or maybe even board from the hardware store. They are rather cheap. 
You will need scissors, tape, pins and / or glue stick Fun markers, stickers or anything else you can use to decorate your bard 
Use magazine images and quotes that will help inspire you and have the same goals you want. 
Photos, sayings, images of places you want to go, reminders of events, places or people that are inspire you should be included as well

Creating the vision board
Leave a space between each item you add to the board. You may want  to add or take away items after the event or goal has been met. 
Take your time in making your vision board. Relax and have fun as you create it . If you want have a party where a group of friends get together and you all create vision boards. Before you glue or pin lay it all out on the board to know how you want it to look. 

What would your vision board look like 

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