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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 13

For my list of Thursday 13 I am going to share 13 school memories of my kids

  1. My son who did not learn to speak clearly til age 7 and then had some trouble could always say the words he shouldn't clearer than those he should

  2. I can remember my daughter always beaming to go to preschool

  3. My son always played sports he loved them and when he was younger would cry at the end of each season

  4. My daughter who has a sister one year older than her played sports as well but was always on her sisters team and boy did they fight like cats and dogs now all these years later they are best friends

  5. My son was always a good eater and up to anything one year at boy scout camp they had to eat an earthworm he still shares that story now

  6. My daughter was a picky eater unlike her brother

  7. I can remember them being in a play together The Kings New Pajamas. Oh boy thinking back to those days really brings memories rushing back

  8. Every year at school they have a Thanksgiving dinner where all the students bring something to share this was something that they always looked forward to

  9. Tempers were something that were an alarm during middle school years I am not for sure how many times I ended up in the office because of this

  10. The middle school principal was a man who had taught many years before becoming a principal. He was one of the kids favorites both of them really liked and respected him and him in return. If we see him around time they can strike up a conversation in no time

  11. Many trips were taken with the kids I chaperoned most of them having lots of fun and creating great memories

  12. dating took on a life of its own with me asking myself many questions along the line this is still a new experience and may share more ten years from now when I can reflect

  13. We will create a new memory on Saturday night when they graduate. I am so proud of them


  1. Why are boys rarely picky eaters LOL. Great list :)

  2. Time goes so fast!Congratulations for this weekend!

  3. Fun list. Gives me a good idea for down the road...

    Thanks for stopping by--happy TT!

  4. Aw...nice memories. I hope the graduation ceremony goes well! Thanks for visiting!


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