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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Personal Cell Phone Charging Stations

With 5 teens still living at home and several of them having cell phones somewhere to plug them in becomes a crazy episode. You see they have so many things that need to be plugged in that the available outlets sometimes end up in a squabble. When the outlet is found the problem then turns to the clutter and where to place the phone while it charges. The CP Docks can help knowing where to place the phone while charging a mangle problem.

Have you seen this sort of scene before? Well if you have then you should try the CP Dock and make it all manageable like the pictures below.

The EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station was a product born out of necesity. Like our family the inventor saw the family kitchen counter taken over by cords and chargers. There was no room left for anything else thus the need for a system to charge phones in an orderly fashion. THe EZ Mount wall plate was the solution to the problem now the phone, cord and all could be placed somewhere out of the way and the family had their counters back.
Buy: The Personal Cell Phone Stations make perfect gifts for dads, grads, or anyone else who may need one You can purchase your choice of phone charging stations at
we received a phone charging station for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions in this post are those of mine

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