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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Thoughts: All About Graduates


Theme this week:

Have you been noticing that I have sort of constructed my blog around weekly themes? If not then let me tell you that this helps me to stay grounded in life and on my blog. This week my theme is not can I withstand all the ongoings without going crazy it is about graduation and the fact that I have both a daughter and a son graduating. This is a challenging week for me and the best part about it is that I can share my pride with all of you. On my blog this week I will be sharing all about my teens graduating, recipes that college kids may make, and also great products that graduates may want.

My Son The Honor Student

Thats right I am so very proud of my son. He is an honor student having been on the honor roll all 4 years of his high school carreer. He is so happy to be able to go to college and begin something new. Last night he was awarded 2 pins one for the 4 years of highschool graduate and the other for 4 years of highschool keyclub. I look for him to continue with the kiwanis out of school as well. I am sure that he will coach summer league, etc... He makes my heart swell with pride.

My Daughter to Attend nurses aide classes

Now while I never thought as my daughter growing up to be a nurses aide I am indeed proud of her. I worked many years as a nurses aide and know that it is hard work but work that you can be proud of. Stand up for yourself type of work. I am proud that at the time being when she is not sure what to do she has planned to take a stand and work as a nurses aide. This too makes my heart proud because I know she gets it. Life is hard and we all must find something in it to do.

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