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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A view point by view

Have you all seen the view before. I want to tell you I missed this one but my goodness all i can say is go Sherry go and shame on you Joy. I often like what Joy has to say until I saw this where do you stand on it?

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  1. I have to say Shame on Sherry on this one 100% I have nothing against people who believe in creationism or have their religious beliefs, but it absolutely baffles me when fanatical Christians deny something that is a scientific FACT! There is absolutely NOTHING that a bible thumper can say to dissuade the fact that evolution exists. It is so much a fact of life that it can literally be laid out right in front of one's eyes and proven. I love that people have their faith in god and jesus or whatever, but what is it with certain Christians being so incredibly hard headed that they CANNOT accept something that might disprove the existence of the stories in the bible? When people like Elizabeth Hasselbech and Sherry Shepard open their mouths and spew such non-sense it give believers a bad name. Why do they have to always be on this godly, my way is better then your way, mission? It's sickening. The fact that Sherry would ONLY want her child to believe what she WANTS him to believe is so absolutely wrong and disgusting. Bill Meyer was completely right when he said that she was abusing her child by being a complete and utter moron. I just wish that all fundamentalists would take a science class once in their lives and stop looking down on everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus.


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