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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Revolution foods is taking a stand in the concern of nutrition and our children. Revolution Foods strives to offer our children the best taste in the healthy meals and snacks that they serve. Nutritional education is also at heart to the Revolution Foods company and programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles Metropolitan area.
We were sent a few samples of Revolution foods to try out. Let me tell you they were great. My husband could not even believe how great the jam sandwich that Revolution foods sent us. The jam was as great as we had placed it on the sandwich right there and then. So guess how great it will taste to your child.
Revolution Foods started out serving a very small amount of schools, three to be exact. Yet just two years later they had grown to serve 100 programs. Revolution foods wants to see all students be able to eat tasty, nutritional foods and gain the nutrition information they need.
If you are interested in offering your children the best snacks and school lunch ideas as well as the nutritional sound program that Revolution Foods is you can contact Revolution Foods by visiting their site.

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