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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To Do Tuesday

clean all bedrooms (linens do not need washed today but all else needs done)
church night
Cory's my son birthday
deep clean living room
test day
no real house keeping as I am not sure how I will feel
housekeeping pick up still not sure how I will feel so no real plan
church supper for women only
big family get together
clean up before and after party
mothers day
tea at church
another day of testing
no housework/ cooking etc...
that will bring us up to next week so please let me know what you have going on you can even list yours over at the blog Crazy Adventures in Parenting if you want

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  1. I like your new topper. :) I had to clean out my reader. I just pressed "delete". I had way too many to deal with. lol I try to keep my email cleaned out and do only select contests. I hope your girls had a great time at their Proms. :)


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