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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Frenchy Baby Organics review

Are you like me and want the best for your little one? If you answer yes then you may want to know about Frenchy Baby Organics. Why would organics be the best for you child? Cotton is one crop that uses tons of pesticides which are harmful to the earth. That is just to grow the plant more is needed to bleach and get the cotton ready to use. Some of the products used are on the toxic and carcinogenic list. I know that I want the best for my baby but using toxins that pollute the earth and are harmful to my child does not fit the bill. That is why Frenchy Baby Organics impacts the way I think so much.

The materials that go into Frenchy Baby Organics do not harm the earth or our children. The makers of the clothes and baby linens sold at French Baby Organics are aware of the environment that surrounds us and the people that wear the products they sell. On top of making safer for the environment and us clothes Frenchy Baby cares about others as well and has shown this care by giving to others.

Frenchy Baby Organics sells precious linens that are needed on your babies crib. Great clothing styles such as these are also sold there.

We received the above and love it. It is so cute soft and looks adorable on our little one.
I think this adorable pair of crop pants are precious as well. To see more you will have to go shop at Frenchy Baby organics For a short time you can take 25% off your order by entering the code shopannies.

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