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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sparrow Review

Sparrow is an online store where you can get many items in one location instead of having to take the time to locate needed items in various locations. Sparrow is known for their cloth diapers and I especially like the colored cloth diapers that they have.

Not only are the precious with their pastel colors but also created of organic cotton. If you have visited my blog before you have heard me praise organic cotton before. The manner in which is raised, cared for and cultivated is great for us and the earth. The great organic cloth diapers possess a fitted fit and which you should find helps you to easily care for your little one.

Sparrow also offers lovely apparel from great organic companies for both boys and girls. Look at the lovely look of the baby linens that are sold at sparrow. Sparrow does not stop there but also carries lovely bath and body needs as well. Sparrow seems to be the all around one stop for all store.

If you are close enough stop by the Sparrow store in Los Angeles California or head over to Sparrows website and order there.

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  1. Great Information.
    Thank you for the post .
    Have a truly joy filled
    Mothers Day with more blessings than your cup can hold .
    May your day be filled with many special moments that create a life time of wonderful memories for you .
    Blessings and hugs


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