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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tim's Chips review

What if I told you that there is a potato chip that is as good as those that are made at home? What if I told you that these same potato chips are as good tasting as they are for you? Well let me tell you that Tim's Potato Chips fits all of those categories.

Tims chips have received many awards for their taste and care for the earth. These rewards range from being the best tasting to being the best workplace environment to work at to environmental excellence. That sounds like a great chip company to me one that I decided to test out. Tim's Chips was great enough to send me several great bags of chips. The flavors available are:
  • original
  • jalapeno
  • sour cream and onion
  • sea salt and vinegar
  • wasabi
  • Johnny's Seasoned
  • homestyle barbecue
  • pepper jack cheese

Tim's Chips have a taste compared to none. Tim's Chips are available online and in some stores. To see if there is a location near you visit Tim Chips website.

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  1. Homestyle barbecue sounds yummy



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