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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday


Random thoughts are running amuck in my week some let me share some
  • this past week was as good as it was bad.
  • babysat my nephew and niece last night. Let me tell you they are not true brothers and sisters yet he will be 4 in June and she turned 1 in February. They are so good together but he truly is her protector.
  • My granddaughter is heavier at 8 months than my niece. You can truly tell this and then you wonder which one is to big or to small. But then of course you are not to compare children are we.
  • I bought a play pen the other day for my granddaugther to keep at my house my daughter loved it so much I bought her a pack n play to keep in her car. Katelynn loves not having to be held and has her own place to play
  • I am hoping that it dries out soon so that i can get some plants in the ground. It has been so wet that planing a garden becomes harder than normal
  • This thursday my baby boy will turn 17. Man I feel so old. Where did the time go. Do you ever look back on time and wonder why you did the things you did? I went to work when he was yet a baby, then school and work at the same time. We are close because I tried my best to keep him ahead of all but did all that work make time go faster? Would it had been different if I hadn't went to work?

well that is a few of the random thoughts on my mind please visit the blog The Un Mom where others have listed their random thoughts


  1. We love our pack n play. They are so handy!

  2. Thanks again for the giveaway! Here is a link to the post I created for it.

  3. pack n' plays are the best invention ever! Happy Tuesday!


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