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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Talk About Tuesday

Since Talk About Tuesday allows us to share what is on our mind I thought I would share about a special test I will be taking on Monday.

This next monday I will be taking a test called for short a EGD. EGD is Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. It is all due to try to find out what exactly is wrong with my stomach. A tube will be inserted through my mouth as a locan anesthetic will be given (doesn't sound like much fun) Air will be introduced through the endoscope to enhance viewing. The lining of the esophagus, stomach, and upper duodenum is examined, and biopsies can be obtained through the endoscope.

The test will show

This test is helpful in determining:
The cause of abdominal pain
The cause of unexplained anemia
The cause of swallowing difficulties
The cause of upper GI (gastrointestinal) bleeding
The condition of the stomach and duodenum after an operation
The presence of tumors or other abnormalities of the upper GI tract
The presence of ulcerations or inflammation
The type and extent of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease)
Narrowing or tumors of the esophagus

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  1. Good luck with that important tackle!!

  2. Good luck with the test. I hope they find out what is wrong and that it is not too serious.

  3. Hope the test goes smoothly and allows them to figure out how best to help you!

  4. Ooh, I had that done and while it is not fun, it wasn't that bad. They put you out for it, and you wake up not remembering anything. I was quite sore for the next few days and only at jello, but I guess most people aren't bothered as much by it. Good Luck, I know how had it can be trying to figure out gi stuff!


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