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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Stealing Twenty first memes

First Job:
my first job was waiting at tables during county fair

First Real Job:
first real job that was paid for was home extension office

First Favorite Politician:
would say carter

First Car:
thunderbird 78

First Record/CD:
dolly parton I am sure which one don't know

First Sport Played:

First Concert:
does band or choir count

First Foreign Country Visited:
none yet

First Favorite TV Show:
romper room (back as far as I can rememeber)

First Favorite Actor:
not really for sure on this one there have been so many

First Favorite Actress:
same as above

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:
his name was tony and I was in 3rd grade

First Encounter with a Famous Person:
met a song writer before that was as close as I have gotten

First Brush With Death:
delivering a baby

First House/Condo Owned:
house 3 bedroom large nice yard

First Film Seen:
remember those early films in school LOL

First Favorite Recording Artist:
Dolly Parton

First Favorite Radio Station:
96STO when I was preteen

First Book I Remember Reading:

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog:
there have been tons not for sure wich came first the answer or the meme LOL

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1 comment:

  1. I so love Dolly Parton. I thought this was a hard one...remembering yesterday is difficult for me LOL. Have a great week :)


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