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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday 9

1. Do you feel that you have “a score to settle” with anyone?

why settle scores if you wait all will work out the way it supposed to

2. Do you own anything that you think is unbreakable?

my son owns a golden rhino mini from Africa that may be the only thing

3. Tell us about a crazy thing you did in high school.

did so many it is not even funny high school was a great and crazy time for me

4. Name the one talent of yours that you think is the best.

ability to converse

5. Who wins American Idol? (if you don’t watch, tell us about a reality show that you do follow.)

biggest loser and hells kitchen I do catch American Idol at times but not constant watcher

6. What is your favorite movie in black & white?

can not think of any but liked Chaplin a lot

7. What is one thing advertised too much on TV?

food when I was in hospital and could not eat that was all you would see

8. What is your current favorite TV drama?

southland a new show but looks like it will be a goodie

9. What is your current favorite TV comedy?

not a big comedy watcher but would say the simpsons

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  1. I remember watching Charlie Chaplin movies on TV. Of course it was on black and white television.

  2. Biggest Loser is a lot of fun to watch.

  3. Conversing's a great talent to have. Like some of Chaplin (Monsieur Verdoux's a terrific film) and really like The Simpsons.

  4. Hmm simpsons are one of the funniest too. :)


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