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Friday, May 1, 2009

Finer Things Friday

Amy over at finer things blog runs a great weekly meme that has us take a look at all the finer things in life. This week she talked about the finer things in life and after the stay in the hospital I just had I say yes I know how our loved ones are our part of the finer things in life. I had no idea what was wrong with me and I can tell you out of my children which ones would go to the hospital and visit mom and which ones would stay home and worry about mom. Some of them clam up and do not talk allot about what is going on and others need to talk.
This weekend will be a grand event that we have all waited for 2 of my children will attend prom. I believe prom is as special for the parents and those in the family as it is for these 2. We love to see them dressed up. This year our son will be taking a good christian girl and our daughter will not have a date but still lots of fun. We will go out on a double date ourselves so to speak that night as we will eat out with our daughter and son in law. We will all truly have lots of fun. The one thing that the ones staying home asked for was a pizza and soda and yes they will get that too. All should have a great night so that we can come together and have a great time
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  1. What a fun night for everyone! I still enjoy going to prom with my teacher husband. ;-)


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