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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Small Talk Six

6 things you always wondered about any of your teachers or professors when you were in school?

  1. Had one teacher that fell on ice and never came back to school often wondered what happened to her since she was an older lady teacher

  2. Had one teacher that left after getting into it with the school board and never came back since he was a young teacher wondered what happened to him and where he is now

  3. Had a couple of teachers I believe were having an affair and we would sneak around to try to find things out about them we never did but they were both divorced within a years time and that just makes you wonder

  4. Had a great student teacher who taught in the art department she was so cool and I did learn alot even though I hate art. Wonder where she ended up teaching at

  5. Had a teacher that was quite vocal in his wild younger side I often wonder what he would of been like in his younger days (now a good friend of mine)

  6. Had a P.E teacher very hard in nature often wondered if she was funny. As I got older I found out she was just a hard working teacher/farmer great friend of my grandparents.

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