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Friday, May 1, 2009

friday 5

1 On May First, 1738, King Kamehameha I was born. What are your impressions of Hawaii?

Love to visit one day I think it would be quite lovely

2 On May First, 1873, Dr. David Livingstone died. When did you last presume something erroneous about someone or something?

not sure what erroneous even means

3 On May First, 1876, Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro debuted. How do you feel about Disney’s animated classic Pinocchio?

I like it grew up with it and think it has a real moral

4 May First is Walpurgis Night in Sweden and other parts of northern Europe. When did you last sing in front of an audience?

when I was in choir in school many many years ago

5 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are a punk rock cover band. What song’s cover version do you like better than its original version?

not sure just like to listen to music

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  1. Thanks for stopping in at my blog. Friday 5's are fun :-)


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